orla kiely’s work space

Orla Kiely discusses her work space in the Guardian.


patricia said...

Oh, thanks for this Lori! I am a huge fan of Orla's bags. Her "sling" bags, which are like messenger bags, are the best homeschooling mama bags ever. You can cross them over your body so they stay on, they have lots of space, handy pockets and the best key fobs so I'm never searching for my keys. And they're laminated so you can practically hose them down. I *just* got a new bag for my birthday because after using my old one nearly every day for two years, it was looking a little tuckered out.

It was fun to see Orla's space, with all those patterns that I love, right where they started from!

Leanda said...

I love Orla's work! Such a treat to see her workspace. You have a great little blog here which I will take more time to look at. I have just posted this item with a link here on my blog! Thank you :)