Yvonne Eijkenduijn • Yvestown

Yvonne injects color and vivacity into every single thing in her life. Her exuberance and love of home bursts through everything she touches like pure sunshine.

you tell us about some of the things on your board?

They are little things that make me happy. I have a color chart from the Paper Source up there with little descriptions of all the colors and I just love it. There are some photos from happy times, cards that make me happy, and photographs of my two heroes Pippi Longstocking and Coco Chanel.

How often do you change the things on your board?

It stays as it is and sometimes I'll remove something to make room for something I add.

Who or what is inspiring you right now?

Interior magazines and books, blogs, and TV shows inspire me. I like to re-watch Sex and the City and The Gilmore Girls. I get inspired by the clothes, accessories, and the set design.

Are there any movies that were particularly inspiring to you?

Love Actually, You've Got Mail, Something's Gotta Give, The Holiday, and The Royal Tenenbaums.

What do you do to "refill the well"?

I take a break from it all. I'll sit on the sofa for a day, browsing magazines and books, watching TV or movies and at dinnertime I'll get a take-out.

How do you come up with your next idea?

I keep a folder on my computer and store all sorts of images that I find inspiring on the internet. I use the bookmarks you get with the Domino magazine and bookmark rooms and ideas I like in magazines and books. Occasionally I'll go through all my 'archives', as I like to call them, and that way I come up with new projects or ideas.

What are some of your current projects?

I've just finished making an Ikea Skruvsta chair slipcover pattern. I really love the shape of this chair but dislike the fabric it comes with. So about a year ago I made a slipcover and because people asked me for the pattern I decided to make one. I'm also looking for a new house.

Looking for a house is a big project. What inspires you when you're looking for a new home?

Everything needs to be right — the outside, the inside, the neighborhood, the pavement, the scenery, old elements, the smell, and the sound. I could never ever buy a house on paper because I cannot touch or feel how the house is corresponding to me.

Which of your projects are you the most proud of, and why?

It's the house I'm living in right now. I've been moving around the world most of my life and since I've met my husband we've been buying and selling but never really finished a house. This is the first house that is actually completely finished and it's decorated the way I always pictured it in my head but never really knew how to do it. I've been dreaming of having my home featured in a magazine ever since I can remember. Like some girls want to get married to the perfect guy or have the perfect kids, I always wanted to have the perfect home. It happened this year; I was featured in a magazine and that made my circle complete. I'm ready to move on to my next project.

Your house is filled with color. I love it. Does your decorating inspiration come from the same places as your art inspiration?

I feel that my house is an ongoing art project, so the answer is yes. Speaking of color, I filled my house with a lot of color but if I'd take everything out it's just a white house. It's a very small house so I decorated using the Swedish philosophy to make everything white because it makes your house bigger when the sun comes in.

Is there something new you want to try?

I'd really love to try upholstering larger items. So far I've been doing chairs but I'd love to do sofas.

What place inspires you?

London. When I'm in London I get super charged. The architecture is beautiful, the shops are great, the food is delicious and the people are fantastic.

What other talents do you possess that we might not know about?

I'm quite musical. I play the guitar, I've been singing in a choir since I was seven years old, I've started taking violin lessons just recently and I'm considering learning to dance the flamenco.

Do you remember something that really inspired you back in the beginning?

My mum ... aww but she really does. I grew up in this fantastic house she decorated so beautifully. She was one of the first mums to work when I grew up and she did that because she wanted to give us the best. A lovely home and all the things that are good in life. I've been brought up quite exuberant and I still have that in me. So when I do simple things like preparing a meal or the laundry I always I think of my childhood and that inspires me to go always over the top.

Do you listen to music while you work? If so, what kind?

I always listen to music doing any work. I love listing to The Steve Show on BBC 6music on my iPod when I clean the house or do the ironing (don't tell Steve). When I'm sewing I love to listen to Lori McKenna, Stevie Ann, or Joni Mitchell. Music is really important in my life. We always have the radio on in my house and we love almost everything that includes musical instruments from classical music to hip hop.

What's your favorite color? Has it always been the same?

Oh it's so boring but it's pink ... always has been, always will be.

What's your favorite thing in your studio and/or house?

My sewing machines. I'm so thankful for them; they are such a nifty invention and I can't consider a life without them. My sister sometimes wants to borrow them but I'm not going to let her anymore because I'm too attached and I need to know there's at least one in the house.

Do you have a favorite spot in the world?

My favorite spot in the world is the pond at Charleston Farmhouse just outside Lewes in the UK.


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Lori Pickert said...

thank you so much, yvonne -- your home, your work, and your aesthetic are so bright, clear, and inspiring!

Yvonne said...

Thanks for the interview Lori, it's lovely!!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful interview!

Liquid Sky Arts said...

Fabulous Interview, a very fun read...and I love the corresponding photographs!

Yvonne, I can't believe you didn't say anything about "sprinkling your ashes at Ikea", when mentioning your favorite place! ;)

Paper Relics said...

great interview!

Lori Pickert said...

thank you, ladies! and perhaps one gentleman!

kapcity said...

What a fabulous interview. I admire Yvonne's sense of style in every way! I can only hope I have a home one day as beautiful as her's.
Wonderful job...all around :)

Anonymous said...

So cool to find you in another place. I've scoped out this blog before and just now realized this was yours. We must be soul sisters at heart. Keep up the inspiration. I just love it.
Nancy Gaumer (from Parkland)

Lori Pickert said...

fancy meeting you here, nance! lol

thank you, and i'm glad you're enjoying the blog, sister. ;^)

Junkyard Jennifer said...

Lori ~ I just discovered this blog through Yvonne's. I love it and will add it to my blogroll! What a great idea to feature so many creative artists all in one place!

Yvonne ~ This is a great interview. Very inspiring! And gorgeous photos (as usual). :) It was really nice to learn a little more about you!

Lori Pickert said...

kapcity, thank you! i do, too! :^)

and thank you, jennifer! yay, glad you enjoy it. :^)

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

This photography is just inspired!

Charlotte said...

ooh hello Lori - I didn't know you were here either!

Nice interview - now I'm off to look at the rest!!


Lori Pickert said...

hi charlotte! :^)

cecima said...

i've found u!


an angel at my table said...

How wonderful here I find a few of my favorite bloggers being interviewed. Thanks for a great read! Especially yvonne and wise craft is my favourites.